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  • PROOF Signal: Fall/Winter Exhibition Series Details

PROOF Signal: Fall/Winter Exhibition Series Details

In today’s edition:

  • November 15: “La Potière Jalouse: Rite of the Handmade” by Helena Sarin

  • Burn your Oddities NOW!

  • 100 PROOF Live Audience show is this Friday in LA

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PROOF Updates

Oddities will stop burning on November 15

88% of the community has voted has given a 'yes' vote to end the Oddity Burn Window on November 15. This means if you want a Mythic by burning an Oddity, make sure to nominate ASAP. The final day will only burn the maximum of 50 Oddities! 

Moonbirds & Mythics: What’s next 🦉

Soon, we’ll be launching a brand new rewards system called Talons. To prepare for that, we’ll be unlocking access to claim Diamond Exhibition and Mythic Eggs for the last few birds who haven’t hit Diamond Nest. 

We’ll also be sunsetting physical nest rewards, so make sure you claim everything you’d like by the end of December 2023.

Stay tuned for more information about what’s to come with Moonbirds, Mythics and Talons in the new year!

Fall/Winter Exhibition Details 🖼️

Last week, we announced the PROOF Fall/Winter Exhibition Series featuring solo drops from 5 incredible artists.

We also introduced PROOF Artifacts, a new way to participate in PROOF Art releases. PROOF Co-Founder Justin Mezzell re-interprets each collection as a beautifully designed commemorative collectible, and we use Transient Labs’ Story Inscription contract to immutably inscribe collector addresses on the token.

Each collection in the Series will have an Artifact available to mint, allowing more collectors to participate and collect Artifacts even if they don’t mint the artists’ collection.

The Series begins with Helena Sarin’s “La Potière Jalouse: Rite of the Handmade” launching on Wednesday, November 15. Check out our pinned tweet for more details!

100 PROOF Live Show on Friday 🎉

Have you attended a 100 PROOF Live Show yet? If you’re in Los Angeles, now’s your chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at the podcast! 

Join Kevin, Amanda, and some special guests for an exclusive evening show open to holders and their friends! Grab a ticket today.

Community Updates

  • Shout out to Lunar Society proposal winners The Pixel Shop for completing their project to create full-body CC0 Moonbirds, now available for use for anyone who wants to build something with the files! Check it out:

  • Command + A has a new theme for November: “The Thing That Should Not Be”. Are you an artist, or would like to be? Dead Birds Society has created a great platform for Moonbirds to blindly submit their artwork and let the community vote their favorites. They’ve also been recently awarded Lunar Society funding to offer prizes to each month’s winner. Learn more here.

This Week in PROOF Media

100 PROOF Live Audience Show

This Friday, it’s a special evening live audience episode! Come IRL to the Foundry or tune in on YouTube or X at 7PM PT/10PM ET.

PROOF Digital Art Market Report 

Last week, we had a PROOF Digital Art Market Report featuring a few PROOF VIPs and Roger Dickerman. Let’s run it back.

On Friday morning, Sam (@punk9059) is joined by artist Bryan Brinkman to catch up on the week’s news in digital art! Live streaming on YouTube and X at 10AM PT/1PM ET.