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  • Behind the Artwork: Summer Wagner’s Midamerican Fever Dream

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This Week in PROOF Media

We’re excited to continue our Fall/Winter Exhibition Series with Summer Wagner’s Midamerican Fever Dream on December 5. Check out a special artist Q&A below in this week’s Signal.

Catch Summer on Friday’s 100 PROOF Live as we go over her artist journey, and what’s coming up for this epic collection that’s been 2 years in the making.

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PROOF Updates

Talons balances live 🦉

  • Last week, we released the Talons Doc to outline our off-chain new rewards system.

  • Now, you can view your Talons allocation on your PROOF profile! No sign-in required; simply visit your profile to see the amount of Talons you’ve earned! 

  • Next up is the first beta test of the platform, with an auction for 20 Grails V Mint Passes on December 5!

  • Check out Discord for more information on the upcoming rewards platform.

Nesting Rewards Unlock December 1 🪺

  • As we ramp up towards Talons, we are sunsetting the previous reward mechanism, Nesting.

  • On December 1, nesting rewards will unlock and holders who have yet to reach the final tiers may claim all remaining rewards!

  • You’ll have until December 31 to claim physical and digital goods, and after that, rewards will be available only on our Talons Marketplace.

Helena Sarin Ceramics 🎨

  • If you’re a holder of the La Potière Jalouse collection by Helena Sarin, you’ll be able to claim your physicals by today! 

Grant Yun at Foundry December 12-14 🗓️

  • We’re excited to work with House of Medici for GRANT YUN | Los Angeles, a solo exhibition in collaboration with PROOF @ The Foundry from December 12-14!

  • RSVP here.

See you in Miami! 🌴

  • Reminder: PROOF will be at Art Basel Miami, hosting a Foundry Pop-Up experience from December 7-9. 

  • That weekend, we’ll have private tours of the Human Unreadable Experience, hosted by Operator, Sakazuki tastings, and a PROOF meetup! 

Visit for more information.

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Community Updates

Congrats to Dr Moonhattan for winning COMMAND + A

  • The November COMMAND + A round ended and the community voted - congrats to Dr. Moonhattan for winning this month!

“Leave me Alone”

Dive into Launchpad Web 3 with your MB access now

  • Shout out to Gator for his launch of LaunchpadWeb3 - thanks to Lunar Society, now anyone who owns a Moonbird can access this platform for a wealth of knowledge on all things web3! Check it out at:

Behind the Artwork: Midamerican Fever Dream

PROOF asked artist Summer Wagner to write about her experience creating work for her four-part exhibition, Midamerican Fever Dream. This Q&A with Wagner has been edited for length and clarity.

Please tell us about the process of creating this body of work and how Midamerican Fever Dream came to fruition.  

Midamerican Fever Dream started as many of my ideas do – in my notes app or journal. I had been dreaming for quite some time about a body of work that captured the midwest through the perspective of different characters, particularly a crone character, an old woman on the brink of disillusionment rediscovering her strength. I knew I wanted the context to be in the post-industrial midwest. The ideas started emerging around 2021, and slowly formed into drawings, fragments of lore and collections of thrifted or found objects around the house.

Your work often explores Americana, magical thinking, and the exploration of memory. Why does it feel important for you to release this work right now? What is your work saying about life in America at this particular moment in time?

In truth, the first character I truly discovered while writing this story was the landscape of the post-industrial midwest. The rustbelt. The history of the rustbelt is that of abandonment, struggle, and mutilated memory in the form of old buildings in overgrown fields. 

When industry left the midwest in the 80’s to pursue cheaper labor across seas, cities like Detroit and Rockford, IL became hinterlands. The capitalist order that kept the single-income family unit functioning like a tight machine of productivity and social reproduction deteriorated over the last 40 years…The industrial powers left people without the means to uphold the illusion of the American dream, while being forced to pretend it was still a viable or attainable way to live. A fever dream lasting almost half a century, manifested in the lives of individuals and families forced into a pathological normal way of life, surrounded by the ghosts and bones of an old world they pretend is still alive.

But, from those ashes emerges an ancient story of rebirth, new growth and self-discovery. But, only if those immersed are willing to discover a new way of life and heal from the wounds of the past.