PROOF Signal: Notes from a Neutron Star

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  • CP1919 Launch: At Frieze London, we showcased the CP1919 collection with Pace Gallery, offering a peek into the upcoming Notes from a Neutron Star release on Oct 26.

  • Moonbirds' Historic Flight: Moonbird holders with the Space Helmet trait can see their bird head to the moon on Nov 15 at the Falcon 9 Rocket's launch.

  • Community Spotlight: Engage in Dead Birds Society's "Private Keys to Happiness" initiative, and check out ZP's "Mythics Mount Rushmore" piece on Twitter.

PROOF Updates

CP1919 - Notes From a Neutron Star Collaboration

At Frieze London, in partnership with Pace Gallery, we unveiled CP1919, a new audio-visual collection by Peter Saville, Stephen Morris, and the Joy Division Archive.

At the event, attendees got a sneak peek of the forthcoming PROOF exclusive, Notes from a Neutron Star, set to release on October 26. This collection, curated by PROOF Head of Art Eli Scheinman, is an homage to Peter Saville and CP1919, featuring work from Aaron Penne, Luke Shannon, and Jesse Woolston.

How to participate in the release?

‘Notes from a Neutron Star’ is made up of 100 generative pieces by Aaron Penne, Four 1/1 plotter pieces by Luke Shannon, and One 1/1 animated piece by Jesse Woolston. Details of the minting phases will be available at

Moonbirds to the Moon

Moonbird owners with the Space Helmet trait, here’s your shot at history! Watch your bird's image journey to the moon on November 15 with Falcon 9 Rocket's Lunaprise Museum. Attend the launch and black-tie gala at the Kennedy Space Center.

Event registration is now open here.

Community Updates

Command +A Round 2 by Dead Birds Society

This month’s Command+A theme is titled “Private Keys to Happiness”. Created by the Dead Birds Society sub-parliament, Command+A aims to provide a platform to showcase artists in the Moonbird community with a monthly anonymous contest. Submit, vote, and follow along for October’s artist reveal!

More details: DBS X page

  • A massive shoutout to ZP for his compelling "Mythics Mount Rushmore" piece. Details on winning a Mythic Egg are on ZP's Twitter.

  • Cheers to Drew Barman and the innovative Moonbird Gin. Using QR and AR tech, each bottle is not only some tasty gin but is transformed into art. Stay up to date with upcoming events and bottling updates here.

An Inside Look: ‘The Mt. Rushmore of Mythics’

This week’s community piece comes from member ZP, with a love letter project for our Mythics collection.

You might recognize me from my previous posts if you're a longtime follower. For newcomers, I'm ZP, a Moonbirds holder since day one and an ardent Web3 enthusiast.

From my early days diving into TopShot, the digital card-collecting experience, to my deeper immersion into NFTs guided by PROOF's podcasts, I've been at the heart of this revolution.

Today, let's dive into the captivating world of Mythics.

Within Moonbirds, Mythics offer a unique blend of art and technology. These are not just digital collectibles. Owning a Mythic gives access to exclusive Proof events, releases, and the prestigious Lunar Society where members can propose and vote on new initiatives.

What sets Mythics apart? The minting process. It's a user-driven experience, emphasizing the art's resonance with the holder over rarity. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder.

Now, for a thrilling project I've been working on: The Mt. Rushmore of Mythics.

On my Twitter, I spotlight the best Mythic reveals daily. But here, I've categorized them into four groups for easier selection: Art, Cute, Evil, and Magic.

The art in Mythics often echoes iconic works, like Fidenza and Squiggle traits. When evaluating, I've looked at:

  • Simplicity: Let the beauty of the Fidenza trait(s) shine.

  • Happy / Cute: Who isn’t happy with a Fidenza or Squiggle trait! I awarded an added ‘bonus’ for combinations with other art-related traits.

  • Fighter: Because the Squiggle drink is called the ‘bravery’ tonic, I wanted a Mythic that has either seen some sh*t, was about to see some sh*t, or was happy to be done seeing sh*t and could have a drink.

I'll post a series of Twitter polls, where you can vote for your favorite Mythic in each category. And here's the exciting part: by voting, you enter a raffle to win a Mythic Egg!

Join me in this journey of building our community's lore; you might just snag an Egg for your contribution.

Talk soon,


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Tune in to this week’s live 100 PROOF on Youtube or Twitter Spaces, this Friday at 10am PST with special guest Peter Saville!

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