PROOF Signal: Week of September 11

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PROOF Updates

New Website Features:
  • Generative Art Explorer: PROOF has launched the Generative Art Explorer for our collections powered by the Art Blocks Engine. Explore endless algorithm-generated outputs from collections like Grails IV, Evolving Pixels, Diamond Exhibition, and future Art Blocks Engine Collections.

Exploring ATOMS by Casey Reas

  • Mythics Trait Encyclopedia: Dive deep into the Mythics collection with the new Mythics Trait Encyclopedia. Discover over 700 unique traits, each hand-drawn by PROOF illustrators Colin and Luke, with descriptions providing insights into the Mythics Universe.

Little Atlas

PROOF community members can now easily find and connect with local members through the beta test of Little Atlas. This platform simplifies planning, hosting, and attending community gatherings. Sign up here and connect your wallet (or delegate wallet) to explore the Community Map, discover PROOF member events, and organize meet-ups around the world.

  • Lunar Society Proposals: Don't forget to vote for active proposals in the Lunar Society. We recently received feedback from the community about Lunar Society v1.0 and we will be sharing some news on what’s next soon!

  • Diamond Exhibition: Come check out the Diamond Exhibition at Foundry. Save the date for the closing celebration on September 29th. RSVP here.

  • Marfa Meetup: If you're attending ArtBlocks Weekend in Marfa, RSVP here for the Marfa Meetup on September 21st.

  • Not attending Marfa, but want to be kept in the loop? Join us on September 18th for a special "all about Marfa" Start the Week with Art Twitter Spaces event.

An Inside Look: ‘Reporting from Seoul

This week’s art piece is written by Clara Peh, an independent curator and art writer based in Singapore, highlighting Korea Blockchain Week. X/Twitter: @claracxw

This past week, Seoul’s annual art week coincided with Korea Blockchain Week and attracted many art and web3 communities to convene in the South Korean capital. The collision of tech and art events made visible how culturally and technologically forward the city is and has become, charting out a growing hub for art and NFTs in the Asian continent.

Now in its second year, Frieze Seoul has attracted over 120 galleries, an expansion from its first edition. Kiaf Seoul also saw its second run of Kiaf Plus, a dedicated section on emerging talent, including new media and NFTs. There were, however, few digital media booths this year across both fairs.

The joint talks program did, however, feature a session on new media art, with heavyweight speakers like Domenico Quaranta and Yung Ma, signaling the fair’s continual engagement with digital art despite market circumstances.

Arcade displaying Lu Yang’s works “Gaming Society” at MMCA

Elsewhere, numerous galleries and museums also hosted new media exhibitions during art week. MMCA’s “Gaming Society” exhibition was particularly impressive, presenting an immersive look at the influence of video games on contemporary art and visual culture.

While it featured some of the biggest names in game design and art, such as Cory Arcangel and Harun Farocki, it also presented iconic games such as Pac-Man and Minecraft, offering an in-depth look at this increasingly popular field of art. Later this month, Seoul will also open its 12th edition of the Mediacity Biennale.

The Gateway Korea and Crypto Art Seoul concurrently took place and hosted a number of prominent speakers, including Lu Yang, Colborn Bell, Claire Silver, MrMisang, and PROOF’s very own Eli Scheinman and Sam (Punk9059).

Sam Gellman and Eli Scheinman on panel, “Crypto Culture, the Arts, and What in the Blurry F*** Just Happened”

Notably, one of the conference’s main organizers, Aeon Studios, is also behind Uncommon Gallery, which is quickly becoming Seoul’s leading crypto art space and a hub for web3 communities.

A vast number of showcases and events also opened this week, from ThankYouX’s first show in Korea titled “Odyssey” presented by Artue, DeeKay’s first solo exhibition, to A41’s event with Baeige, Fvckrender, Mad Dog Jones, and Victor Mosquera.

This Week in PROOF Media

Here is a quick rundown of some of the top highlights from PROOF’s weekly content!

PROOF Daily NFT Countdown

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