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  • PROOF Signal: Win a Signed Artist Print from Aaron Penne

PROOF Signal: Win a Signed Artist Print from Aaron Penne

Welcome back to PROOF Signal, your exclusive gateway to the world of all things PROOF. Let's dive into the latest updates.


  • Notes from a Neutron Star Release: PROOF's collection set to mint on October 26, featuring works from Jesse Woolston, Luke Shannon, and Aaron Penne.

  • PROOF Takes On Tokyo: Partnership with Sakazuki by Suntory Group unveiled, with a Tokyo pre-launch celebration on November 7.

  • ‘The Mt. Rushmore of Mythics’ by ZP: ZP dives into selecting the 'Evil' Mythic for Community Mt. Rushmore, emphasizing art's deeper connection.

PROOF Updates

Notes from a Neutron Star Release

PROOF is thrilled to launch the much-anticipated “Notes from a Neutron Star”. These collections are set to mint on October 26 and will feature works from Jesse Woolston, Luke Shannon, and Aaron Penne.

For this release:

  • Jesse Woolston’s ‘Instability’ and Luke Shannon’s ‘my first plot’ will be sold as English Auctions, starting at 8 a.m. PST / 11 a.m. EST.

  • Aaron Penne’s generative mint ‘Receive Transmission’ will kick off at 8 a.m. PST, with the second phase beginning 24 hours later.

  • Holders of “Receive Transmission” are in for an exciting raffle on November 2nd, with a chance to win one of the three framed and signed prints that are currently on display at Foundry.

For a more comprehensive timeline and additional details, we recommend visiting the exhibition page on proof.xyz.

A reminder to all PROOF holders and friends of the community - The “Notes from a Neutron Star” Exhibition is now in full swing at Foundry. Our public exhibition space in Downtown LA is open from Thursday to Sunday, between noon to six.

Spacebirds' Moon Mission

For those who have registered for the upcoming Moon Launch at the Kennedy Space Center, be sure to check your emails. The itinerary details have been sent out and await your confirmation.

The Space Blue Lunaprise Mission team has also designed custom Official NASA Mission Launch jackets to commemorate this monumental launch. All Spacebirds holders can enter a raffle using this link for a chance to win these jackets.

PROOF Takes On Tokyo

We’re ecstatic to unveil our latest partnership with Sakazuki, an initiative by the Suntory Group. Sakazuki promises to redefine web3 projects, focusing on unearthing the world's rarest liquors and unveiling Japan's hidden treasures.

Kevin and Justin are heading to Tokyo for a pre-launch celebration on November 7. PROOF Collective holders, gear up for an unmatched experience where you can engage with renowned Japanese studios, fashion houses, and game developers in an enchanting Japanese Matsuri.

Save your spot by RSVPing at events.proof.xyz.

Community Updates

Shining Stars of PROOF Community
  • A big round of applause to Simblisstic for clinching the title in the first of the four Mythic Mt. Rushmore Egg Giveaways. Don't miss out on the next round, and participate in ZP's upcoming poll!

  • We're also thrilled to spotlight Holo, who recently won a Lunar Society proposal and provides the community with custom derivatives, games, and other community engagement efforts. Mythic Mirror “HOLOween” Haunt, is a testament to their creativity. Dive into the Holo channel on discord to check out their activations!

An Inside Look: Part II ‘The Mt. Rushmore of Mythics’

This week’s community piece comes from member ZP, with a love letter project for our Mythics collection.

Hello again! ZP here!

Let’s dive into Part II of our Community Mt. Rushmore of Mythics!

As a refresher, a few weeks ago we launched this campaign and voted on the first of our four categories, art. Our winning Mythic was #2922 with a stunning Fidenza Cloak, magic accessory combination.

I touched on it briefly last week, but that’s what makes this collection such a fun experience as a holder. You get to choose which side of the coin, which side of the world, which side of the story you want to be a part of. This week, we get to explore the opposite end of the beautiful collection.


As I was looking to find the four most evil-looking Mythics, the journey was harder than I thought.

For example, I first went to the Molten and Dred traits. Thinking these two were not only two of the rarer bases, but also as I imagined a video game boss, I’d want someone that is made of some combination of fire and death. Aka, something perfect for our mountain.

However, none felt right.

So as much as I relied on specific qualifications for our Art selection, whether it was a Fidenza or Squiggle trait, my choices here were much more based on look.

What stories could I imagine in my head?

What adventures did each of these Mythics go on to end up looking the way they do now?

And isn’t that part of our journey with art?

It’s that deeper connection, that truly brings us closer to each piece and where I hope you can find a connection to these Mythics and eventually, our Mt. Rushmore.

As a reminder, I'll be posting a Twitter poll, on my Twitter account, where you can vote for your favorite ‘Evil’ Mythic. If you vote and re-post the Tweet, you enter a raffle to win a Mythic Egg!

Thank you for being part of my journey. I’m excited you’re here to continue to learn and grow as a part of this community and building an extension of Mythics lore.

This Week in PROOF Media

Here is a quick rundown of some of the top highlights from PROOF’s weekly content!


Tune in to this week’s live 100 PROOF on Youtube or Twitter, this Friday at 10am PST with Special guest ThankYouX. Last week’s 100 PROOF episode had special guests Jesse Woolson and Luke Shannon.